• Single DigitsFeature Spots

    Single DigitsFeature Spots

    We created a whole series of spots highlighting key features of Single Digits services and platforms. Production was tricky, as we were shooting during the…

  • ConvenientMD Location Opener Spots

    ConvenientMD Location Opener Spots

    ConvenientMD tasked JBC with creating a series of urgent care center opening spots in NH, ME, and MA. We travelled throughout multiple locations in those…

  • Communities & Consequences II Film Trailer

    Communities & Consequences II Film

    Communities and Consequences II: Rebalancing New Hampshire’s Human Ecology is a sequel project to 2008’s award-winning film "Communities and Consequences: The Unbalancing of New Hampshire’s…

  • UNH Online

    UNH Online

    UNH Online asked us to create 2 spots and a slightly longer recruitment piece to promote UNH's online master's program. A key theme for students…

  • Wheelabrator Technologies

    Wheelabrator Technologies

    This was Wheelabrator's first foray into creating a brand film to capture their leadership and legacy in the waste-to-energy market and commitment to communities where…

  • InterGen – Life on InterGen

    InterGen – Life on InterGen

    Energy company InterGen celebrated its 20th Anniversary with the roll-out of a brand film to communicate internally and externally the impressive and lasting role the…

  • Unitil Corporation

    Unitil Corporation

    Unitil Corporation premiered a film produced by JBC Communications – in the style of “Dirty Jobs” – promoting Unitil’s challenge to remove a vital gas…

  • NHDOT Seat Belts

    NHDOT Seat Belts

    Tiffany Eddy & Associates, NHDOT, Melissa Fifield Racing and JBC teamed up to produce a PSA to encourage drivers to use there seatbelts.